Verification & Credentialing Services

We continue to be the top choice among human resource professionals who are striving to hire the best applicants amid ever-growing concerns about integrity, liability and security.

Academic Verification

An academic verification or professional license verification confirms schools attended, course taken, dates of attendance and degrees or certificates awarded that are claimed by the applicant. Our experienced researchers call the Registrar’s office directly to verify information from the applicant’s application/resume. In some cases, colleges and universities outsource these verifications to clearinghouses. We have full access to these system and results are interfaced directly into our online reporting system, usually within an hour of transmittal. We have performed these searches for secondary and post-secondary institutions.

Employment Verification

Our background specialists call the Human Resource department to verify information on your applicant’s resume for the last ten years of employment. Dates of employment, starting and ending positions, salaries (if available), reason for termination, and eligibility for re-hire are examples of the information employers are asked to verify. Our researchers go straight to the source to verify information and double check inconsistencies found on resumes. In some cases, employers outsource their employment verifications to a verification warehouse where there may be limited available information. We have full access to this system and results are interfaced directly into our online reporting system usually within an hour of transmittal.

Professional License & Certifications

Licenses and Certifications are verified directly with the issuing or accrediting organization. Information verified includes date applicant became licensed, good standing and public records of disciplinary actions. We verify up to three sources via telephonic interviews. In some cases, these licenses are verified at a third party site. We have full access to these systems and results are interfaced directly into our online reporting system.

Professional Reference Check

Reference checks are a critical part of the selection process. Reference checks can give you information on how an applicant has actually performed. and past performance is the best predictor of future success. In addition, employers have sometimes been found liable for negligent hiring when an employee with a history of violence or other serious problems is hired without a reasonably thorough reference check. Our trained staff of professional researchers will conduct telephone interviews to obtain the information you request from professional references. We will interview up to three 3 professional references.

Based on our years of experience performing professional reference checks and conducting investigations we have determined that asking references what the applicant has actually done, as specifically as possible, will provide more valuable information than asking what types of tasks the applicant liked or disliked, what they see as the applicants strengths and weaknesses; etc. It is easy to draw inferences from these latter types of questions that may be inaccurate and unfairly influence a hiring decision. We also understand that the most valuable information is best elicited with open-ended questions such as: “Describe the applicant’s ability to …”; “Can you give an example of a project s/he was responsible for that required the ability to …”; “How would you assess his/her ability to perform …,” etc. We will work with you to finalize the list of questions to be asked prior to reference checks being performed.