Nanny Background Check

Today it’s more important than ever to know about the background of a person you will be hiring to help with your housework or caring for your children.

Nanny Background Check

Before hiring a person to assist you with your needs, it is essential that you know that person. Tragic stories about household help and childcare providers are often brought to our attention by the media. Don’t let you or your child become a victim! Use the checklist below to ensure you select the correct services for your nanny background check.

Nanny Checklist

Criminal Conviction History:

Includes county & federal courts

Criminal records search for past convictions. The criminal records search is used to determine if the individual has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in a given jurisdiction. By law, if the Subject has a guilty verdict, we can report the information for as far back as the information goes, usually 15 to 20 years before the record is archived. If the verdict was not guilty, dismissed, etc. we are only able to report the records for the past 7 years.

If the potential nanny has had any additional aliases i.e. maiden names etc., it is important to run those names through the criminal search as well.

Nationwide Search

Nationwide Search includes information from the following sources: FBI most wanted, US Marshalls, County criminal records & traffic infractions/misdemeanors from a variety of US courts. Call for complete listing.

Driving Record

This record will give you the driving habits of your candidate and some insight into the type of person that you will be dealing with. Depending upon the state, driving records reflect a complete history for either a three, seven or a ten year period. Important information such as accumulated points against the license, speeding or reckless driving and DWI’s are included in the report.

Educational Verification

Attendance and degrees claimed by your applicant are verified according to dates of enrollment and achievement.

Employment Verification

Previous employment is verified according to dates of employment and job performance.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Our extensive search capabilities check registered sex offender data sources nationwide, such as: Bureaus of Investigation, Departments of Law Enforcement, Departments of Corrections, Departments of Justice, Departments of Public Safety, Sheriff’s Departments, State Attorney General’s Offices, and State Police. This database is compiled from violent and sex offender registries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Social Security Trace

The Social Security trace is used to determine a candidates previous residence (s), confirm date of birth, and any other names or aliases associated with the SSN for the past 7 years.

DC Metro Package: Package for DC, MD & VA clients

The metro pkg. includes county criminal & Federal checks in DC, MD & VA, SSN trace and National Criminal Directory & Sex Offender Search.

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